Dr. Bahar Safaei-Far provides clinical and forensic psychological services to attorneys throughout the Southwest, including the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. Dr. Safaei-Far's professional services include psychological consultation, psychodiagnostic testing, Fitness-for Duty evaluations, expert reports, and expert witness testimony in the areas of immigration law, employment law, criminal law, and civil law, including negligence law. As a forensic psychology expert, Dr. Safaei-Far has worked collaboratively with lawyers in hundreds of cases in California and throughout the Southwest. Her cogent testimony and expert reports communicate clearly about issues related to mental status and emotional functioning. A U.S. Navy veteran, Dr. Safaei-Far is experienced in providing and managing the delivery of psychological services to veterans and their families in crisis. For the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), she performed evaluations for the courts and managed the clinical operations of a crisis unit that delivered services to special population parolee clients, including sex offenders, substance abusers, arsonists, inmates who had been veterans, and dually diagnosed men and women. Dr. Safaei-Far has extensive experience in conducting psychological Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE) with respect to any security or safety-related position, for both public and private entities. In addition to Fitness for Duty Evaluations, Dr. Safaei-Far also performs psychological screenings and risk assessment evaluations for return-to-work clearances in any safety or security-related employment environment. Additionally, Dr. Safaei-Far has extensive knowledge of California's Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements. She is qualified as a POST evaluator, and performs evaluations on a case-by-case basis for law enforcement appeals and other positions governed under POST requirements.