Jun 16, 2018
9am to 4pm
Los Angeles Airport Marriott 5855 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Parking Included w Validation
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This intermediate workshop is for licensed psychologists involved or interested in conducting second-opinion preemployment psychological evaluations of police and other public safety candidates. Topics of the presentation will include POST-recommended guidance for second-opinion evaluations and reports; integrating convergent, divergent and complementary data into the second-opinion assessment; and best practices for structuring the psychological interview. The workshop will also include discussion of ethical and legal dilemmas inherent to the second-opinion assessment process, including possible conflicts of interest, when to decline an evaluation, and the role of advocacy in the second-opinion evaluation process. The workshop will include discussion of the appeal process, common reasons for losing the appeal, and standards used by various California agencies for considering and weighing second-opinion evaluations. Finally, the workshop will provide guidance on writing evidence-based and defensible reports.