Sep 8, 2018
9am to 4pm
Las Vegas Marriott 325 Convention Center Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Special Hotel Rate under Mindset
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This CE fulfills California and Nevada’s Board of Psychology’s requirements for required training on suicide risk assessment and intervention.

Instructor: John Violanti, Ph.D.
6 CE credits and 3 POST credits
Date: September 8, 2018
Time: 9:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.
Location: Las Vegas Marriott
325 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

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Course Description:

This intermediate workshop is designed for registered nurses, masters and doctoral level mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, and POST psychological evaluators interested in police and public safety related issues. This CE will discuss the topics of police and corrections officer suicide, common situational and psychological stressors officers face in the line of duty that can impact decision-making and emotional regulation, and the associated risk factors that contribute to an increase in suicide among officers. The workshop will help agencies, mental health professionals, and POST psychological evaluators to identify an at risk officer as well as discuss effective strategies for intervention (3 CE credit is POST approved). The workshop will additionally discuss and explain mental health issues commonly experienced by police officers such as PTSD and common maladaptive coping strategies such as substance use that may impact an officers emotional regulation/stress tolerance. The workshop will also explain the physiological effects of on the job stress such as heart disease, metabolic disturbances, as well as brain functioning that may impair affective judgment and decision making of police officers. The workshop will also help identify the effects of shift work on emotional and physical health and how shift work can impact an officer’s ability to perform job duties safely and effectively.

Course Objectives:

 Discuss various situational and psychological stressors officers commonly experience in the line of duty.
 Discuss the scope and common risk factors for law enforcement suicide.
 Explain possible reasons for increased suicide rates in law enforcement.
 Discuss mental health conditions & stressors experienced by law enforcement officers that impact emotional regulation and stress tolerance.
 Explain health risks faced by law enforcement officers when exposed to stress.
 Discuss the effects of PTSD on brain functioning as it relates to effective decision-making.
 Describe the effects of shift work on law enforcement health and well-being.